Romance By Catherine: A lil' classic holiday eye candy

Friday, December 2, 2011

A lil' classic holiday eye candy

Christmas came early for me this year - Wife by Wednesday has made the #1 spot on Romance on Amazon and ha stayed there for over a week now. I've hit #2 on all of Amazon E-Books - and let me tell you something... it's fan-freaking-tastic to be here. I've had lots of wonderful reviews and feedback from readers. And yeah, the paycheck is gonna be nice when it comes. I never thought I'd see my name on the top of these lists.

Thanks to everyone who read Wife and who took a few minutes out of your day to tell me or Amazon or Goodreads your thoughts. I am hard at work on Carter and Eliza's story Married by Monday and hope to have it out there in a couple of months. So no worries there!

A print version of Wife by Wednesday will be available in a few days on Amazon. Trade Paperback for under 10 bucks. xoxo


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