Romance By Catherine: The Joy of a Back List!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Joy of a Back List!

With the success of Wife by Wednesday I've had the joy of seeing my back list start selling again. Everything you hear about how an author with a back list and a runaway hit is very true. I've seen all of my time travels hit the time travel romance bestseller list on amazon for the last few weeks. Which is beyond awesome.

Soul Mate, a short female werewolf story is in the top 1,000 in books and my reviews are growing.

And then there are what I call my 'sleeper' stories. Before the Moon Rises and Possessive are finally getting read... these are short stories but fun reads nonetheless. What I'm most happy with is seeing Embracing the Wolf have it's day. This is a little longer 'category length' paranormal romance that I think any 'mother' and lover of romance and werewolves will love. ETW has been out for quite some time but simply didn't see to many ereaders upon it's release. Now I'm selling more copies. And that my friends makes this author very happy.

So, what's with the picture for this brief blog you ask?
Duah!  Eye Candy is a very important part of any Monday.

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