Romance By Catherine: An Interview with Rachel Brimbel

Monday, November 28, 2011

An Interview with Rachel Brimbel

Today I have a special guest, a twitter friend and fellow author, Rachel Brimbel. Welcome to my corner of the blogging world, Rachel. Let's get a little of the formalities out of the way.

Tell us a little about your self and the genre you write.

I live in South West England with my husband of 14 years, our two daughters (12 & 10) and mad black Labrador, Max. I have been writing seriously since 2005 and have six novels published. I write across the sub-genres of romance from straight contemporary, to Victorian historical to suspense and comedy. I like to keep it fresh, lol!
I do too… such a bore writing the same genre day in and day out.
Tell me, Rachel, what do you love about being a writer?
Everything! I love the creating, getting those initial words on the page. Especially when it’s flowing and I’m the characters’ narrator and just writing what they tell me to write. I am also one of those annoying writers who relishes editing. Nothing better than having words already written and the opportunity to make them better.
You had me until the editing thing. I try to edit as I go to minimize the pain of edits.
What do you hate about being a writer?

If I had to choose, I would say the initial plotting. Come up against problems that take time to figure out. My solutions tend to come to me when I am lounging in the bath with a nice glass of wine. No hardship ;)
Now you’re talking my language. A glass of wine ets the words flowing.

If there was one thing about the industry you could change, what would it be?
 I would change the perception of romance. People (especially the men in the industry) tend to see it as a lower form of writing than say, thrillers or literary writing. I don’t agree. There are as many badly written thrillers and literary novels as there are romances. Romance runs through every story and movie – believe me.
*shakes head* I hear ya.
What do you like better, Twitter or Facebook? Why?
I have my Twitter account linked to my Facebook so there isn’t any difference to me. Any comment I make on Twitter (which is a lot!), automatically posts on my Facebook.

As far as I’m concerned Twitter is a great innovation that has not only re-connected lost family and friends but serves as a great promotion and social tool.

Twitter is the bomb, and facebook the mini blog.
And the most important question ever... Do you roll your toilet paper over the roll or under the roll?

 Under, lol! I’ve never been asked that before. Can you tell me the significance? Does that indicate my mental stability? : )
I recently posted this question on a guest blog and had so many interesting answers I thought it needed to be a trademark question on my blog. And lets face it… it’s a funny-ass question.
Okay onto the details on your latest release and where we can find it.

Payingthe Piper is my latest release, available to buy now from Lyrical Press. It is a contemporary romance set against the backdrop of UK nightclubs and pubs. I loved writing this book! Here’s the blurb:

Nightclub manager Grace Butler is on a mission to buy the pub where her mother's ashes are scattered but the owner wants to sell to anyone but her. And that owner happens to be her father...who has a secret she will do anything to discover.

Social worker and all around good guy Jimmy Betts needs funds to buy a house for three special kids before their care home closes. Time is running out and he's desperate for cash. He agrees to a one-time 'job' for bad-man Karl Butler. But in a sudden turn of events, Jimmy finds himself employed by Karl's beautiful, funny and incredibly sexy daughter, Grace.

Their lives couldn't be more different, yet one thread binds them: they're both trying to escape the bonds of their fathers. Maybe the only way they'll be free is by being together, instead of alone.

 BUY LINK for Paying the Piper

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Anonymous said...

Howdy, ladies! Fun interview. Personally, I prefer my tp over, thank you very much. :) I also like Twitter because of the relative immediacy of the interaction. Things get lost in Facebookland.