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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Make Welcome Cari Quinn

Today I have the pleasure of bringing to you Cari Quinn. Her hot, erotic romances are loved by many including me. She's talking about a break from the normal hero we see in romance... and she's been kind enough to offer a free copy of one of her books from her backlist. Just read her post and answer the question at the end.
Take it away, Cari.
The Non-Traditional Hero part 2
Thanks so much to Catherine for allowing me to blog with her today!

I wrote a post a few weeks ago at Denise Agnew's blog ( about non-traditional heroes and why I enjoy them. Today I'd like to discuss another aspect of that. As women, many of us have felt objectified at different times in our lives and I know I've rued the emphasis placed on physical attractiveness. Yet when you read most romance novels, the heroes are usually studly McStudlys with six pack abs and buns of steel. That's not to say there isn't ever any variation. Some of my heroes have worn glasses for example - because sexy is smart! - or they might have some other aspect to their looks they feel insecure about. But by and large, the expectation is for heroes to be sexy and virile because, well, it's fantasy right?

This past summer, I was plotting the novella I'm working on now and considered doing a hero with weight issues. I figured he could have a few extra pounds and still be sexy...heck, I've seen a lot of big guys who definitely work for me! But when I did an impromptu Twitter poll, almost everyone who responded didn't think an overweight hero would work in a traditional romance. Especially an erotic romance, which this book happens to be. While I tabled the idea for now, I haven't abandoned my idea of having a hero with weight issues...or maybe something else potentially disfiguring, like scars. And not small scars here and there that make a man look "edgy". I'm talking serious scarring from a major event. I like the idea of pushing the envelope and I'm going to keep doing it, one book at a time. I think there's a whole segment of the population that's not accurately represented in fiction and I'd like to explore that in some small way.

In my recent EC release, Hot Text, the hero's pretty average - which to me makes him kind of unusual too. He has a nice body and nice eyes, but he's not super ripped and he's not six-foot-five. He's an ordinary guy who's really good in bed (yeah, couldn't skimp there) and likes to swear a lot. And when he cares about someone, watch out. He'll do whatever it takes to protect them. Here's the buy link with blurb and excerpt if you're interested in checking it out:

How do you feel about perfect heroes, physically or otherwise? Would a hero with weight issues or scarring turn you off as a reader? I'll pick one random commenter to select their choice of an ebook from my backlist.

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Taryn Elliott said...

That's my cp, always pushing boundaries. I've loved the scarring issue and have plans to use it myself. You know...never thought to do the overweight thing. We tend to let the girl e 'curvier' before the guy. Interesting thought

ClaudiaGC said...

I don't mind scarred heroes or heroes with other ailments like a missing limb. Makes it much more intersting to see how they cope with it. I'm not sure about the overweight hero. if there is a good reason for it, I would maybe read that.
Thank you for the giveaway!
claudigc at msn dot com

elaing8 said...

I don't mind reading about an average looking guy,but I don't think I'd enjoy reading about an over weight one in an erotic book.Like you said its a fantasy and over weight doesn't fit that category.
As for the scar,yeah I could read a book with that.

Catherine Bybee said...

It's fantasy - the guys are always rock hard and virgin sex can't hurt. LOL

Kim B said...

This is interesting. I think it would depend on how much overweight they were. My husband is a little overweight, but looks damn good in a suit. I would definitely read it. I think the personality of the character is much more important than their physical description. Go for it!

Mal said...

Hi Cari,
One of the reasons I adore your books is the fact that you continue to push and test the boundaries of the norm of the romance world - and I love it.
On non-traditional heroes, I did read a book once, The Marriage Bed by Stephanie Mittman where the hero was overweight and was going bald as well. I guess I didn't end up drooling over him and fantasizing about him but nevertheless I ended up loving who he was and how he interacted with the heroine.
I would definitely love to read how you might bring about such a hero, so I wouls say go for it.
If anyone can make it work, I know you can ;-)

iowacakelady said...

Flawed heroes are ok with me. After all, who isn't flawed in some way. We expect heroes who are tall, ripped, and have huge cocks to fall for overweight women, sometimes a little in the reverse is a-ok. I don't think I've read one with an overweight man yet, though. I have read plenty where the hero was nerdy and ones where the heroes had some bad scars. I've enjoyed them! :)

Vanessa N. said...

I don't mind flawed heroes. Because thy are flawed, such as having scars,I think they are more intering and exciting. You can actually really connent with them.

Catherine Bybee said...

Iowa Cake Lady is the winner of the giveaway - ICL Please leave an email addy here or eamil me directly and I'll put you and Cari together.