Romance By Catherine: Blog Tour with Rebecca Royce ~World Building ~

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blog Tour with Rebecca Royce ~World Building ~

 Today I have Rebecca Royce on tour with her new release, Embraced. Great cover, BTW ~ I asked her to talk to us about world building.

Take it away, Rebecca.

World Building

When writing a book, like Embraced, World Building is actually a little bit complicated? Why, you might ask? Well because Embraced is a world that is now but not actually our now.  Have I confused you?

Starting in the world of Eye Contact, I created a world where people with psychic abilities exist but are locked away in Institutions to keep the general public safe.  This idea continues in Embraced. 

So right away we have certain truths and certain things that are the same.  There are still countries.  They still exist.  Laws in those countries are the same as they are today except for additional laws handling the Conditioned.  The USA still has the Constitution but there are amendments excluding the Conditioned from The Bill of Rights.

There are still things like cell phone, Swiss Bank Accounts, fast cars, and restaurants. There are shopping malls.  But there are also hidden societies helping to free the Conditioned and groups out to find them where they hide. 

So, for me, creating Embraced wasn’t so much about what was different as much as what was added.  It had to work within the confines of now. If this was possible, if it could happen, then it had to work logically.  Everything had to be the same except for what was an additional element. 

I hope I’ve made sense and that you might like to spend some time getting to know the world I’ve made up.  Or have I made it up? (wink-wink)

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