Romance By Catherine: Michael Rivers and his Amazing Cover Art

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Michael Rivers and his Amazing Cover Art

Have I told you how much I'm loving Twitter? I met the wonder woman, Shannon Mayer, and she decided last month to do an impromptu cover art poll of Indie authors on her blog.

Wife by Wednesday was in the mix this month and I had some great support, but Wife didn't win... but that is totally okay with me. I just love it when people get together to admire each others efforts in this crazy-ass world.

The winner of the cover art poll was Michael Rivers and man this is some amazing cover art. ~

You can learn more about Moonlight on Natahala by clicking HERE.

Here is Michael's links so you can follow him on twitter and facebook.

Ghosts of the North Carolina Shores

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micheal rivers said...

Thanks for posting this and enjoyed being in the poll with you. You have an amazing cover!