Romance By Catherine: The youngest is driving... watch out!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The youngest is driving... watch out!

Yesterday morning my youngest son buckled into the driver's seat, followed all the rules of the road at just the right time, and a California state employee granted him the right do drive all by himself.

I really do think I was more nervous than him as he pulled away from the curb. Being a Mom bus driver for so many years has had its glorious place, but I'm soooo over it! As my children grew, and their requests to be picked up at 11 PM from a high school football game, or late night with their friends, I became less and less interested in pulling the late night shift.

While yesterday's milestone was truly my was also mine.
I realized that with just the daily commute to his school, I will gain two hours of my day back. It means, less bags under my eyes from having to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn. More time to write the next book!

All the way home from the DMV I was all smiley and whoo hoo! The youngest sprig just kept looking at me like what was my issue? I was like... you have no idea, kid.

I do know that a whole new set of worries will take over. Having gone through a teenage driver once before, I know it isn't always whoo hoo. But at some point, the training wheels in life have to come off, and our children need to grow up.

Well done, youngest sprig...and hello two new hours in my day!

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