Romance By Catherine: Fiancé by Friday Excerpt Countdown - ONE MORE DAY

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fiancé by Friday Excerpt Countdown - ONE MORE DAY

Fiancé by Friday is available tomorrow! There is an online party for the release. There will be lots of giveaways (books, swag, maybe more!). Drop by sometime during the day or hang out all day!

Here's a snippet for you...

"You're staring, Neil."

He swallowed and took a step toward her. The shoes brought her closer to his height, but he still had to look down at her by several inches. Gwen stood perfectly still as he reached out and unbuttoned the shirt until the creamy expanse of her breasts were clearly visible.

He licked his lips and ignored the feel of her soft skin as it grazed the backs of his fingers. He then gathered the edges of the bottom of the shirt, undid another button so only two were fastened, and tied the ends in a knot, tucking it under her her ample breasts. With her midriff exposed, he stepped back and examined his creation.



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