Romance By Catherine: Fiancé by Friday Countdown Excerpt!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fiancé by Friday Countdown Excerpt!

This was actually suppose to be posted this morning, but better late than never, yes?

Here is a fun excerpt from FIANCÉ BY FRIDAY, as promised...

Karen and Gwen have fun with new neighbors:

"Oh my God, Gwen, get up here!" Karen laughed as she yelled fromm upstairs. "Quick."

Gwen hustled up the stairs and found Karen hovering over her bedroom window. She'd pulled the curtains back enough to peek out.

"What is it?"


Gwen switched positions with her roommate and narrowed her eyes. It was late at night and the neighborhood was dark... except for the light coming from the new neighbor's hot tub. A couple of days had passed since their arrival. In the jacuzzi sat two people, and from what she could see one was a woman and other a man. If Gwen had to guess, she'd say that they were an older couple Maybe retirement age.

"What am I looking for?"

"Just keep watching."

Gwen was about to leave her spying perch when the woman stood to move to a different spot.

"She's naked."

Karen started laughing. "Ewww!"

"We have naked neighbors..." I never saw this back home.

Karen peeked beside her all the while giggling. "Look how hairy he is."

Gwen averted her eyes. "We shouldn't stare."

"They shouldn't parade around naked."

"They're in their own yard."

"Surrounded by two-story houses." Karen flashed a brilliant smile. "That's the crazy crap you never get when you're locked behind security gates at an estate."

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