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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last day of the Not Quite Mine Tour

Today is the last day of my blog tour. My tours generally go for two weeks, give or take a couple of days. I meet lots of new people...and with any luck reach many new readers.

Thanks to you, dear readers...Not Quite Mine managed to place in the top 5 on Amazon at one point and is still in the twenty to thirty range on Amazon's top 100 in e-books. Over 53,000 copies have been downloaded and hopefully, loved.

Much like a parent who lets their baby take the training wheels off their bike, only to watch with nail-biting worry... letting my story go out in the world and turning on to the next project is bittersweet.

I adored Katie and Dean's story and loved glimpsing into Jack and Jessie's HEA. And I truly cannot wait until October when everyone will have an opportunity to read Monica and Trent's story. I really think you are all going to love Not Quite Enough.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by my blog tour and left comments. For everyone who bought , read and reviewed Not Quite Mine...I can't thank you enough.

Big shout out to my street team who have pimped Bybee for weeks. Love you all!

The blog tour giveaway is still active and will be for several more days to get those of you who don't blog or surf the net on a daily basis.

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