Romance By Catherine: 5 Stars ~ For Fiance by Friday

Friday, May 17, 2013

5 Stars ~ For Fiance by Friday

The first reviews are always the sweetest!

And then there are reviewers that you just LIVE to earn a 5 Star rating from.  It is no secret that TJ and I are friends. She was my first real fan and we've really become quite close over the years. HOWEVER... and this is a big however folks. She never, as in EVER, grants my 5 Star reviews unless I earn them. I always let people know that she rated me 2 Stars  on one of my werewolf novellas and she rated a book I dedicated to her a 4 Star. And from her, 4 stars is good... but she'd damn stingy with her 5's.

She is a true friend and my toughest critic. She loved Neil and Gwen!

TJ rated it 5 of 5 stars

FINALLY! We get to uncover the enigma that is Neil!! He has been that elusive bodyguard in the background that Gwen just hasn't been able to ignore. And, Ms. Bybee does not disappoint. He is exactly as we have seen in previous books, only better!

I think of all of this author's books, this one is arguably the best and most tightly written. The characters stay true while the reader uncovers, bit by bit, their tender, funny, loyal yet honorable, and distinctly scrumptious inner-sides. Neil is still quiet and stoic to a fault, yet we slowly get to see who he truly is (YUM!!) Gwen is ever the sheltered but sweet British aristocrat that we get watch grow a set! All while we are treated to the hottest love on mainstream paper.

There is a warning, however... This book leans very heavily into romantic suspense, a definite departure from Bybee's usual fare. Honestly, I was impressed with how well she handled it. Both the love story and the suspense aspects were given the proper attention needed for a truly riveting ride with a sigh at the end!

This review is posted on GOODREADS... where you can see for yourself how she rates all of my books.


Penny Culberson said...

very cool can't wait to read Finance by Friday!

Christina Galbraith-popma said...

I can't wait either