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Friday, February 8, 2013

Guest Blogger, Sky Purington

Today, guest blogging on the Bybee Blog, is Sky Purington. Sky has recently released Highland Defiance, book one in her MacLomain Series-Early Years. This brand new series consists of novella length titles about all of the characters from The MacLomain Series who never had their love stories told in detail.

Welcome, Sky! It's always a pleasure to have you on my blog. And thanks for the yummy kilted guy. *slurp slurp* 

Thanks for having me over again, Catherine. It's always a pleasure to visit!

So what is it about a man in a kilt? More specifically, what is it about a Highlander from medieval Scotland? In my case, my husband's clan (MacLomains) and mine (Brouns) being intermarried for three hundred years during that time period kicked off my interest. I'd be lying if I said those first few months of research didn't make me fall totally in love with the concept of a tall, oh-so-sexy kilted warrior. In fact, the image and sense of romanticism attached to this type of character worked so incredibly well for me that I've since introduce five Highland heroes and am currently creating my sixth.

Yet one hero stands out above the rest. Who would that be? You guessed it, Adlin MacLomain, hero of Highland Defiance. while he's technically my fifth hero, he's really my first as he was born before all the rest.

I knew within a few chapters of writing Fate's Monolith (The MacLomain Series, Book I) that a clan needed a head shaman. So a quarter of the way through we meet an old man with a plaid wrapped over his wiry shoulder, This of course, was Adlin. THe moment he spoke of mysticism and Samhain celebrations, it became apparent he was going to play a much larger role throughout my books than previously anticipated. In one single paragraph, Adlin's character had whispered in my mind that he intended to stay with me for many years. Since then he has appeared in six novels from the two separate and one novella. He has gone from being an old meddlesome, match-making wizard to a ghost with a strong secondary character contribution.

For all the love connections he helped make happen, it was without question that he be allowed to fall in love as well. Soon after I made that decision, Mildred found her way into Destiny's Denial (Book II) playing the part of the heroine's grandmother. Without giving away too much, it becomes obvious that she and Adlin once shared a great love, one that remains strong throughout the series then straight into the afterlife.

Based on feedback, I knew it was time for Mildred and Adlin's love story to be told. In fact, it was because of reader requests that my new series, The MacLomain Series- Early Years, was created. Naturally this run of books is dedicated to sharing all those untold romances from the original series.

In Highland Defiance the reader travels back in time to early eleventh century Scotland. A time when the feudal system reigned and even the country's first king had yet set foot on Scottish soil. Adlin MacLomain was a young, virulent, handsome Highlander capable of stealing any lass's heart. No offense to Adlin but he pulled off a kilt far better aft twenty-five than e ever did in his eighties. *wink*

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed visiting not only Adlin in his youth, but his heroine, Mildred. I twas immensely interesting taking their well-developed elderly personalities and envisioning how they would have behaved minus a lifetime of experience. Well, at least for Mildred. You'll have to read Highland Defiance to learn the truth about Adlin.

For those of you familiar with the MacLomains, I hope Adline and Mildred's story is everything you hoped it would be. For those of you learning about this series for the first time here at Catherine's blog, get ready for an explosive Highland saga ripe with war, loss drama, lust, and so much more. Better yet, prepare yourself for over a thousand pages of 6'4" plus, weapon wielding, well-muscled men in kilts!


Sky is the best-selling author of seven novels and several novellas. A new Englander born and bred, Sky was raised hearing stories of folklore, myth and legend. When combined with love for nature, romance and time-travel, elements from the stories of her youth found release in her books. Readers have described her work as "Refreshing" and "Unforgettable."

Purington loves to hear from readers and can be contacted at

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Maria Perry Mohan said...

Rafflecopters freak me out. I couldn't find a follower's gadget on Sky's blog and found it difficult as I didn't know what I was supposed to fill in. But at least I tried....

Hi Sky, Hi Catherine. Wishing you all the best with your writing, both of you. I have relatives in Scotland myself Sky and I'm Irish, so I do appreciate all things Celtic. Hope your series do very well.

Sky Purington said...

Thanks so much, Maria! :-)

Delphina Miyares said...

Kilts swoon!!!!