Romance By Catherine: Crazy But True

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crazy But True

I remember the day, the very minute, I knew I wanted to be a writer. 

I looked at my husband from my computer one night and said, "I'm writing a book." 

To which he responded with something like, "That's nice, what's for dinner?" 

It took a few months for him to realize I meant what I said and even after I started publishing I think he still considered it a hobby. *insert angry face here* 
However, much of that is behind us now. *rolls eyes* 
Arguably, I'm a writer. A published author with several credits to my name. 

I've reached lists I didn't think possible, have the most amazing agent in all the land...and hundreds of thousands of readers have read my books. 

But you know what hasn't happened yet? 

I'm not in a brick and mortar bookstore. Until this last week. On February 7th Wife by Wednesday's Spanish translation was published by a division of Random House in Spain. Apparently, my books are in the bookstores in Spain. I of course live right here in the US of A, and haven't seen said books on the shelf, but I know they're there. 

I  am one of a select few of authors who are in this unique position. That day when I decided to write my first book I thought the bookstore was the only way to publish. The only way to be successful in this business. Boy was I wrong! 

I know a lot of writers whose books are shelved all over the world, but these writers still have to work their day jobs. Writing is my day job. 

It's my passion. 

The day may or may not come where my readers can walk into an actual store and pick up my books, but my level of success is not measured by this... it's a new world and I'm damn happy to be in it. 

So, dear reader, if you happen to live in Spain, or anywhere where el Contrato is on the shelf. Snap a picture of it there and send it on to me. 

Oh, and BTW... when my husband asks me 'What's for dinner?' 
I now answer... "Where are you taking me?" 


Jan Moran said...

Hi Catherine, congratulations! Looking forward to reading your work...and if I visit Spain, I'll look for you there, too!

Catherine Bybee said...

Thanks, Jan!