Romance By Catherine: The story behind Before the Moon Rises

Friday, January 25, 2013

The story behind Before the Moon Rises

Some books are written because the author is compelled to write them.
Some stories are written because someone says... 'try this.'

So... here's the deal. And here is why I give away Before the Moon Rises.

First, let me say that I truly love Max and Janet. Janet will always hold a place in my heart because of my own life. I worked the ER for years. Spent many a time on the radio talking to paramedics and making split decisions that truly had an effect on those who called 911. Did I ever meet a Max? No... well, maybe, *wink*

News Flash!!!  When I wrote Before the Moon Rises I wasn't a published author. Nope. I was a 'please someone publish me' author who tried to write any and every genre within the romance spectrum that I could.

You see... there was this lil' contest that The Wild Rose Press put out. The contest was about writing the best werewolf novella at 20,000 words or less.

Now... let me tell you, this isn't easy folks. Try weaving a plot in 20K or less. It's hard. And when its done really well I applaud the author responsible.

So the birth of Max and Janet was realized within the pages of Before the Moon Rises. I didn't win the contest. But I did end up with a contract. And while waiting to hear back about the contest I wrote Embracing the Wolf. Those of you who've read these books already know that Embracing the Wolf is a much longer story. Much more involved with more character development, and hopefully less rushing at the end.


Here is what I learned when writing Before the Moon Rises.

I learned I could deliver a conceivable plot in 20K. Well, if you let your mind believe that werewolves are real...and a smart girl sometimes does stupid things. Not 'Too Stupid to Live' things... but stupid things.

I learned that short stories are hard as hell to write.

I learned that a short story might lead to bigger and better things. Richard and Kate expand upon Max and Janet's story and that story wouldn't have been told had I not entered that contest.

I learned that you won't win all the contests you enter... but you'll grow as an author for putting yourself out there.

I learned that I LOVE writing paranormal stories. I love that when I pick up a paranormal I'm going to accept any and every twist the author tosses at me with nothing more than a shrug. "Oh, he sucks blood and only wakes during the night... okay... moving on."

Why do I give away Before the Moon Rises?

Let me tell you why. Because I can. And regardless of my level of talent when writing Before the Moon Rises my voice as a writer hasn't changed. I like to think I'm better at character the plot... at twisting a conflict. At every aspect of the story. But my voice--and the humor mixed with emotion mixed with suspense--that hasn't shifted too much in the last five years.

Think of writers such as Nora Roberts and Steven King. I'm not for a minute saying I have their talent, but books they wrote in their earliest days are still in circulation. It's safe to say they have grown as writers but if you like their voice, or how they tell a story, you'll probably enjoy their current work as well.

So for now I give away Before the Moon Rises and for the effort I gain more readers over time. I may very well turn off a reader or two, but I think I gain more than I lose.

Enjoy Before the Moon Rises... and the yummy-ass cover... and if you like my voice, check out my other work.

Happy Reading,


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