Romance By Catherine: I'm on a deadline!

Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm on a deadline! 'em or hate 'em?

I've just signed another contract, which I'll tell all of you about soon enough. But that means that I'm crazy busy with deadlines for books that you'll all be reading over the next year.

Having a deadline forces me to focus on the important things with my writing. And it tends to pull me away from the chatty side of life. For that I'm super sorry but I hope the pay off for all of us will work out.

For those authors out there I really want to know if you work better or worse with a deadline.

I'm liking it. When I sit down to write I have a goal each day. That doesn't mean I meet it, but I try...and even if I have to delete pages that aren't working I still manged to get something done.

With all the distractions life gives you it's easy to fall 'out of the habit' or writing.

Deadlines make you write.

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E.B. Black said...

I know for sure that I don't work better with a deadline. I'm very self-motivated and sometimes deadlines actually cripple me because I wind up putting TOO MUCH pressure on myself, losing sleeping, and freezing in front of the computer screen. Sometimes I handle them just fine, but other times, it doesn't go as well