Romance By Catherine: Before the Moon Rises is FREE

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Before the Moon Rises is FREE

That's right... I'm giving away free copies of Before the Moon Rises for a couple of weeks on Amazon and Smashwords and iBooks. I can't seem to get it up for free on B&N but I'm working on it.

So by all means, download this short werewolf novella and check out the paranormal side of Catherine Bybee. I have one you know...the side that goes bump in the night.

Of course if you enjoy Before the Moon Rises you can move on over to Embracing the Wolf. Richard and Kate's story is a little longer and a little sexier!


Anonymous said...

I just loved Before The Moon rises! I put you on my list for a author to follow.

I Love Wolves (and Ian) said...

I absolutely loved this story! So I bought Richard's book. And then Blake and Sam. Just finished Carter and Eliza. I cannot wait for Gwen and Neil! Thanks for writing such great stories!

Catherine Bybee said...

Thank you both. My Werewolves are among the first books I wrote.

I'm super happy you've enjoyed them.