Romance By Catherine: Married by Monday Barnes & Noble Bestseller

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Married by Monday Barnes & Noble Bestseller

I have the best fans evah! I don't even have the print out yet and Married by Monday is hitting the charts on Barnes & Noble. And lookie there... Wife by Wednesday is getting a 2nd wind. Yesterday Sam and Blake made another appearance on Amazon's top 100 in Kindle books.

I'm supremely happy to have the reviews I do for Carter and Eliza. I was a bit worried, as some of you know. The pressure of writing a great follow up to a New York Times Bestseller was much greater than I thought it would be. I didn't want a repeat of Wife...but I did want to keep some of the same tone.

As some of you know, I'm a pantser as a writer. I have a general outline but the meat of my books is written as I go. I thought I had a handle on where this story was going and then BAM! Eliza had a gun in her purse and the story took a turn.

Here is what some of you are saying...

Angie (Goodreads) ~ " Catherine has you on the edge of your seat begging for more."

Julie (Goodreads) ~ "Catherine Bybee surprised the hell out of me with the suspense in this book."

Heather (Goodreads) ~ "What a wonderful story about family, friendship and the choices one has to make even though they may be some of the most difficult and scary that you'll face in life."

Shirl (Goodreads) ~ "I would recommend this book to everyone that likes suspense,romance and holding your breath as you read, hoping it never ends." 

Mom on the Run (Amazon) ~ ", I could always tell it was good if my fingers tingled when the author nailed it and I felt real emotion between the characters." 

Clare ( Amazon) ~ "Romance mixing with the amazing level of suspense keeps the reader on the edge of their seat the whole time and just when you think you have it sussed...wham, Ms. Bybee gets in another plot twist." 

Let me tell you about the power of reviews. Most people only write a review if they really loved a book, or if they hate a book. For an author, reviews on Amazon or B&N or even Goodreads, is a way for a reader who might not have read the author before make a decision to try someone new. 

One of the reasons "Romance" is a comfortable read for us is because we know there will be a HEA. We tend to stick with the same authors because we 'know' them. but we all love to find someone new, someone untried. 

Reviews help overall sales for an author. Even bad ones, which is kind of strange. If you only see glowing reviews chances are you'd think the author has 'planted' those reviews by asking their friends to go on and rave. When not so great reviews are posted alongside the good ones it adds validity. Strange, but true. 

I've only had a couple of 'not so great' reviews as of yet. I'm sure there will be more. It's not possible to please everyone with every book. But as of now I don't think most of my fans will be disappointed with Married by Monday... and that is because many of you have taken the time to tell me you enjoyed my story. 

****HINT HINT****

Write reviews. Even if it's a few words with a star rating... This goes for other authors as well as me. 

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Rachelle Ayala said...

Congratulations ! You have a great group of fans. I agree with you about the reviews. Even a few short lines about why you liked or didn't like the book helps another customer decide whether to pick it up.

Mel said...

I bought wife by Wednesday last week on my kindle & loved it so much I HAD to get married by monday...I had no idea it was a new book so I was really disappointed not to see another book in the series...I hope gwen or Karen's story will be on your to do list ;-) but thanks for two amazing stories, loved them both!