Romance By Catherine: Felicia and I Romantic Times Convention 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

Felicia and I Romantic Times Convention 2012

I met several dynamic women at the Romantic Times Conference in Chicago. But tonight I'm going to focus on one. One who I met by chance...and Felicia you're going to have to help me out here. I think the first time we crossed paths I sat down at a table with you during one of the 'non-dinners' at RT. If you were there, you know they didn't feed you very well, and if you were anywhere near me I let you know how damn hungry I was!

Anyway... Felicia and I met at RT. I remember talking about her accent. You know, the CHICAGO accent. She insisted she didn't have one... I insisted she did. Hellooooo I'm the author here! LOL Not to mention I'm from California where everyone has a NON-ACCENT... NON-REAL BOOBS - NON-REAL-ANYTHING yes, it's my world so just go with it for a minute here.

Felicia and I chatted, I'm sure I said something utterly witty and made her laugh. "My goal in life" ~ I'm certain she thought I was quite the blow-hard. I was having a good time and refused to be anything but happy while in my environment.

We ran into each other throughout the conference and we had several laughs. During the book-fair I was walking around chatting with authors and fans and we took a moment to snap the picture above. Now doesn't this picture just scream

Felicia: "Crazy Author-Chick standing beside me."
Catherine:  "Lookie me... I'm so famous, not!"

Felicia told me that she had downloaded a book of mine during conference and had looked me up after going to her room after the first time we met. She had said something to me the day of this picture to the effect of "You didn't tell me you were a bestselling author."


Me? "No, just a crazy California lady without kids and hubby having fun."

We have started following each other online...facebook, twitter, goodreads.

I'm in the mist of releasing Married by Monday which is huge for me, and am posting notice on Goodreads and Facebook. On Twitter today I saw this:

 if you get a chance go in and check the event that I missed due to being really busy this weekend

I RAN...okay I CLICKED RAPIDLY over to Goodreads and found this. 

When I met you at RT2012 in Chicago, I had not read any of your books, today I know that you are totally awesome, The writing style is just what I look for you make me laugh and keep me guessing what the next paragraph will hold. Thank you Catherine for taking the time to make me feel comfortable at RT2012 and introducing me to a great author "you" 

Seriously... I teared up.  This has to be the most amazing thing anyone has ever said to me.

 You, Felicia, made me feel welcome. You made my day. And now you've made me want to work hard to make more people smile, more people laugh. 

I love social media for this very reason. I love to talk. Love to connect

I'm sure our paths will cross again...and if not, I'm a better person to have known you. 
Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to make mine a little better. 

You never know who you're going to meet, or how long that relationship will last. Be yourself. That will always pay off! 


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