Romance By Catherine: Bybee and Montlake

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bybee and Montlake

The ink is dry and the phone calls and emails are flying.

So here is the official scoop. I have signed a three book deal with Amazon Montlake. Here is the official press release with Publishers Weekly:

Bybee Lands at Montlake 
Kelli Martin, at Amazon’s romance imprint, Montlake, bought world rights to a contemporary romance trilogy by Catherine BybeeJane Dystel, at Dystel & Goderich, handled the sale for Bybee, who has self-published a number of romance titles—she writes in the paranormal, erotic, and contemporary subgenres—and hit national bestseller lists with her work. (One of Bybee’s most popular titles is Wife by Wednesday.) The series is called Not Quite... and, Dystel said, features “sexy, rich bachelors, desperate hotel heiresses, and Caribbean scandals.”

I tell ya what folks. It doesn't suck seeing your name on Publishers Weekly. In fact, it feels damn good. 

I had a long chat with Kelli Martin yesterday and it seems that we both have the same vision for these books. 

Not Quite Dating will be the first installment and this book will be released in October...yep, October of this year! Publishers just don't do that folks. Most take for-evah! Not Amazon. I feel like I'm talking with a publisher that understands and is embracing the changes in this industry. 

I'm super excited to have a publisher backing my work and won't it be nice to have an extra promotional kick! 

So, what is Not Quite Dating about you ask? Well... Think sexy cowboy and a single mom destined to marry money. Does my cowboy have money? Yes! Does my heroine know it? No! Oh, the tangled web and fun they get into. 

And it's set during the holidays. All wrapped up with green and red bows. 

So when people ask what I'm working on right now... I tell them "I'm on a deadline." For the first time in my writing life I have a deadline and I like it! 

But don't you worry, readers of my bride series and my time travels. Those books are a comin'. And they will be worth the wait! 


Cherie Reich said...

Congratulations!! Such exciting news!

Catherine Bybee said...

Thanks, Cherie.

Toni Anderson said...

Catherine, congrats! You deserve a great publisher :)

Mary Maddox said...

Congratulations on the publishing deal!

Rebecca J. Clark said...

Awesome news! Congrats!