Romance By Catherine: A week for Binding Vows

Monday, April 2, 2012

A week for Binding Vows

So most of you who take a moment to see what I'm doing here every week have already read Binding Vows, but I have some great things to share about Tara and Duncan's story.

I'm a big supporter of telling others to write book two and three to sell book one. It works. As writers we put book one out after years of trying to get it published and are often disappointed in sales. It doesn't matter how much we tweet, facebook, or tell others how great the book is, it just doesn't sell. The first month Binding Vows was out back in 2009 I think I sold around 20 copies. *head-desk* All that work for 20 copies? Yeah! And I was uber bummed.

But as many of you know I don't have a problem selling my books now. And that is largely due to fans. You guys tell other people about the books you read and they then go and pick them up.

Today I reached the 100 rating mark on Goodreads  for Tara and Duncan. My average is 4 stars which I'm happy with. And I think the new surge in reading Binding Vows is because of the release of Highland Shifter, book four.

I was also featured on a blog BadAss Book Reviews under a Hidden Gems title this week. Again, Tara and Duncan's story is praised.

So don't be afraid to tell others about great books you've read in the past. They are still amazing now and who knows, you might just spark the next bestseller.

So, my fans of Tara and me give these two a shot at the top position on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Go on over to these book sellers and LIKE and leave a quick review. You can just say 'loved it' or whatever you like. That silly LIKE button does amazing things.

Here are those links:

Binding Vows on Amazon
Binding Vows on Barnes & Noble

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