Romance By Catherine: Triberr

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Is it me? Or is Triberr uber confusing? I can see the benefit in finding peoples posts and getting them out to the social media world... But WFT? I swear, I managed to get on there, managed to make my own tribe "Indie Romance" But so far the people I've invited either haven't posted stuff or I'm doing something wrong.

I know there are tutorials on YouTube, but news flash Triberr...if you need a tutorial, it might prove too confusing for people to use.

I'd like to control how often and when a tweet goes out. I don't want to spam twitter. I won't spam twitter. So I guess for those of you who use Triberr my question is how many weeks did it take for you to figure out the system?

What do you love about it?
What do you hate about it?

I was one of those people who was on MySpace too late and then took a little too much time switching over to Twitter and Facebook. Now My MySpace account is gone and Twitter and Facebook rule. But new social media is everywhere and I don't want to be left in the dust.

So, to Triberr...or not to Triberr? That is my question.


Aileen Harkwood said...

I'm with you, Catherine. I signed up the other day and can't begin to figure it out. Nor do they do that great a job of explaining how it works.

Dino Dogan said...

great timing....we'll have a How To Triberr webinar next saturday.

As for the confusing part, you'll get used to it, I promise. Takes a day or two, but soon you'll be a pro at t.

We're doing out best, but Triberr is still a 2 man operation done after hours cuz both of us have "real" jobs :-)

Catherine Bybee said...

Dino, thanks for stopping by. I applaud your efforts, but I really am having trouble with it. And I'm rather social media smart. I attempted Triberr months ago and gave up. I'd like to give it more time to work. I will look into the webcast.

Rachelle Ayala said...

Catherine, I also worry if it seems too spammy. I mean, I like seeing my TribeMates blog posts. In fact, that's how I found yours. But at the same time, if our tribe is huge, wouldn't I have to be on it all the time approving posts and my twitter feed will be full of them?

I signed up because it seemed to be a way for bloggers to help each other out. But right now, I'm leaning toward as being more intelligent in content curation

kkrafts said...

Okay I'm lost too but I'm on there!
karen einsel