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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snack Happy with Rebecca J. Clark

When I ask authors to do a guest blog I let them talk about anything... so here is Rebecca talking about something she understands all to well... Snacking! Now don't get all huffy with me, Rebecca is one physicaly fit woman who prides herself on her exercise routine and healthy eating habits. I wish I could say the same. This blog comes at a time where I've already forgotten that Jan 1st plan. 

So, without further delay... Rebecaa................ 

You’ve probably heard the suggestion to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your blood sugar levels even and to keep your metabolism stoked, right? This doesn’t mean you should be eating huge meals every 2-3 hours. You can either eat small, hand-size meals throughout the day, or you can do like I do and eat three square meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and two snacks.

So, what constitutes a healthy snack? Ideally, you’ll mix a protein and a carb. Here are some ideas:

·         Two rice cakes smeared with almond butter

      If you really want yummy, sprinkle 5-6 dark chocolate chips on top

·         Sliced apple with peanut butter

·         Plain Greek yogurt, berries, a sprinkling of lowfat granola or Grapenuts

·         ½ cup of cottage cheese mixed with ½ cup of sugar free yogurt

·         ½ cup of cottage cheese, ½ sliced apple, 1 tbsp chopped walnuts, cinnamon

·         ½ cup of cottage cheese with pineapple, 5 walnut halves roughly chopped

·         Hard-boiled egg, piece of fruit

Eating like this will give you tons of energy and you’ll avoid that 3 p.m. afternoon slump.

Happy snacking! 

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Rebecca J. Clark works as a personal fitness trainer and group exercise instructor when she’s not writing romance novels.


Tina said...

Great ideas! I often forget to eat (or grab the first unhealthy thing that's handy) when I'm writing or having a busy day at the office. You've offered up some easy, tasty and healthy snack ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

Rebecca J. Clark said...

Thanks for visiting, Tina. :) Snacking is the tougest part of a healthy eating plan. Well, snacking on HEALTHY foods is.

Rebecca J. Clark said...

Catherine, sorry I didn't stop by yesterday. We kept losing power (I live in the NW and we don't do snow well here), so I turned off my computer.