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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

News and Updates


I'm home from our winter trip in the RV... aka The Big Rolling Turd... we had a great time traveling the southern section of the western states. We visited the snow, let the kids get good and wet, then moved to the dryer claimant of the southwest. All in all it was a nice vacation without a lot of drama or frozen pipes. Good times.

Now, onto Bybee news:

I'm working quickly on edits for Highland Shifter. And yes, I'm working with an editor. I learned with Wife by Wednesday to always have a third and forth set of editorial eyes. I missed a few things in Wife by Wednesday and many a reader has let me know it.

Live and Learn!

The cover for Highland Shifter is AMAZING! - Once the final tweak is done I'll post it here for all to drool over.


I have pulled Before the Moon Rises and Embracing the Wolf away from the publisher. It's all amicable, but the bottom line in my world is a cover sells a book. I think BTMR is judged by the sweater vested man on the cover and I think that has kept this short werewolf novella from readers hands. The cover for Soul Mate is amazing and this book has done very well since its release. As for Embracing the Wolf... again, this cover doesn't scream paranormal romance and it should. I'd also like to put this book in print. It will be a shorter print book, but maybe after I revise it a little I can give it the glory it deserves. So, dear reader... these books will be reissued as self published work sometime in the early spring.


I'm going to the Romantic Times Convention in Chicago this April. Because of policy changes with The Wild Rose Press I won't be able to sign my time travel books at the 'big book' signing, but I will try my best to sign books at the ebook / indie book signing. And I will have table time at Club RT. So, don't be shy and come on over so I don't look like a geek all alone! LOL

No update yet on Married by Monday... I'm still working on Carter and Eliza's story which has a ton more meat than Wife by Wednesday. I hope to make this book a little longer as well.


Rachel E. Moniz said...
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Rachel E. Moniz said...

Catherine, if the Big Rolling Turd ever comes to RI, you better let me know! :-)
Glad your year is starting off strong!