Romance By Catherine: In the Rolling Turd ~

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In the Rolling Turd ~

I know... I know... I'm crazy. I'm back in the "Big Rolling Turd" again. The family RV is rolling down the road right now to destinations unknown. Our goal is to find some snow for the kids to play in and see a thing or two we haven't before.

My goal is to still love my family when we get home after being in the "Turd" for over a week.

I'm a twitter-holic these days so please log on and follow me at @catherinebybee and stay in tune with the never ending drama that follows us around the country.

Our goal is Colorado... maybe Utah. Of course that means driving through Nevada and Arizona... maybe a little New Mexico. The weather and road conditions determine if we hit the mountains or drive all the way around.

I'll try and post a facebook picture once in a while. So click on over if you're board stiff. LOL

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