Romance By Catherine: Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

So many times we look back on the previous year and run away from it. With the world in such turmoil, and people out of work, it's hard to look forward and not see dark skies. However, I've always been one to believe that we get out of this life what we put into it. My mother was a waitress the majority of my growing years, and we survived on very little. I know what plain pasta and a can of stewed tomatoes taste like. Nasty stuff that! Still, I think back on those times and the love we often had in our home and am thankful for what we did have.

I'm always thankful each and every year for the overall health of my family. Of the love we have for each other... I look to the next year with hope that the things that are beyond our control will work to our advantage or that we find a way to gain control and shape our future.

2011 has been a great year for me personally. My family is healthy... and that is the most important thing ever.

The hours that I spend writing are finally reaching an audience of unbelievable proportions. Each day I open up my browser and see Wife by Wednesday on the first page of bestsellers on Amazon is a very good day. Each review I receive means another person has read my work and took the time to tell me about it. I particularly like the reviews that say "This book was predictable but I couldn't put it down... I fell in love with these characters." I guess in ways Wife is predictable... but the fact that so many of my readers fell in love means they'll come back for more. Maybe Carter and Eliza's story will hold more mystery... I know it does for me.

Thank you 2011. You've been a great year.
*cracks knuckles* Okay, 2012.... show me what you got!

I tell you what I have for you, my loyal readers...
I have:

Highland Shifter (Simon's Story) coming before Spring
Married by Monday (Book 2 in the bride series) coming before Spring

Fiance by Friday (Book 3 in the bride series) coming by Fall
Not Quite Dating (Christmas contemporary) TBA

Oh... and... at least one more full length novel in the mix for this year.
Yeah, I'm that busy.

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