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Friday, September 23, 2011

What makes a writer smile...

As a writer, one of the biggest thrills, for me on any account, is when someone is interested in your writing enough to want to meet you. My fist book signing in May of 2010 arguably was full of people I knew, friends in support of my passion, acquaintances who heard through the PTA gossip chain that I was a published author, and a few complete strangers. I was jazzed beyond jazzed at the faces who came that day and asked me to sign their books. Wow, me... someone though I'd done something interesting enough that they wanted a tiny piece of me.

I've done a couple more signings since May of last year. Each one I met many people I've talked with online. Twitter, Facebook and many online forums affords us all the ability to connect. Up until recently an author couldn't sign your book unless she/he sent you a copy of said book, sent a bookplate, or met you at a signing.

Not anymore. Kindlegraph has made it possible for authors to personalize their books for each reader. And all the reader has to do is click a few buttons online to request an authorgraph. For those of us who love our e-readers, this is a huge step. Most of my readers own a Kindle so this feature is perfect. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Barnes & Noble has their own version of Kindlegraph, so don't worry... we're getting there.

So, here is how it works. Follow this link ~
And it will direct you right to my kindlegraph page. You have to sign in with your twitter account, then simply let me know which book you'd like me to sign. Then like magic, I can personalize your copy of my book.
Easy Squeezy.

So, all you Kindle lovers, go forth and let your favorite authors know you care and ask for a kindlegraph from them. It will make their day.

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