Romance By Catherine: Reviews of Soul Mate are in!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reviews of Soul Mate are in!

For those of you who don't know, Soul Mate has the unique twist of having a female werewolf leading the story. This picture inspired the novella ~ Nice huh?

Anyway, here are what the reviewers are saying about Soul Mate. Which BTW has reached the bestseller lists on Bookstrand, ARe, Fictionwise and Amazon under Anthology's.

Coffee Time Romance 4 Cups ~ Soul Mate is a great read! I enjoyed Ms. Bybee’s approach, having the female shifting forms instead of the male. I also enjoyed the history behind her shifting abilities. The details were explained well and the story was easily believable. The characters were well written, and I liked their interaction with each other, as well as their inner thoughts, especially those of Kari. This book is one you will definitely not want to pass up.

RT Book Reviews ~ The writing is very well done and the dialogue realistic...

Sensual Reads 4.5 Stars ~ Catherine Bybee knows how to weave a tale of mystery and adventure flawlessly with a love story.  The passion between Nick and Kari is undeniable...

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