Romance By Catherine: 2nd Update of

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2nd Update of

 A few days in… So, what’s up with Texas? Okay… this is one big-ass state. It’s dry – huge and I really didn’t see a whole lot to write home about. And I know I’m gonna hear a bit of slack.. but the drivers were rude on the road. Coming from a California driver, that’s saying something… “baging on myself here” –
Sooooo… Louisiana is one beautiful state. I have my kids on gator-watch 2011. Water is everywhere… bayous and rivers. We ate alligator… fried, and yes, it tasted like chicken. It’s hot… humid, but so amazing to see. Now we need to find a place to park our RV so we can see the city on New Orleans.

1900 miles from home in only 5 days... yeah, we're crazy!
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