Romance By Catherine: Snippit of RT 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Snippit of RT 2011

Two days post RT and I'm still so bone-tired I can't think!

What a ride! I met so many people that I've spoke with online over the years that my head is still swimming.

Caridad Pinero and I met in person for the first time after talking to each other online for over three years. I'm happy to say we clicked off line just as easily as online. It's a shame we live a whole 50 states away from each other. But the world is small in romance and I'm sure we'll hook up again.

Helen Hardt and I have blogged for absolutely ever. I wasn't even expecting her there and made a comment at random as she walked in the hall and we realized who each other were. *waving* Helen is only a couple of states away and I'm sure we'll run into each other again.

Oliva Gates, Nina Bruhns and Candice Havens were as much fun in person as in their books an online. Candice, what a hoot you are, woman.

I sat next to Shannon K. Butcher during the book fair on Saturday and we chatted for a few hours. I admit to a little author crush here. Her series, The Sentinal Wars, is one on my auto buy list. Truly amazing paranormal here folks! We laughed and talked shop and had a great time.

Then there is Eliza March, who has another ego she goes by, but we'll stick with Eliza here... Darlin', you are exactly as I pictured and it a crying shame you're in Florida and I'm in California. But alas... we'll chat often and see each other annually at this rate. And Sharon and her daughter were a joy to meet and get to know.

My roommate Tammy and I were RT virgins but made the most out of RT. We dressed up a couple of times and met more authors then I can count. Jimmy Thomas who graces the covers of several of my books was a joy to meet and just as yummy in person as he is in print. Yes, his arms are THAT thick ladies!

I'll add pictures as I talk about my travels this week... so stay tuned for more.


lizarnoldbooks said...

RT is always a rush. No longer an RT virgin...sigh. Did they announce next year's location? I haven't checked.
Liz Arnold
"Stories you will love."

Eliza March [Elizabeth Marchat] said...

Needless to say, I had a great time with you. I wish I hadn't had a 24 hour first day that wore me out too soon the next few days, but it was pleasure spending time with you and Tammy and all the girls!