Romance By Catherine: Countdown to RT 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Countdown to RT 2011

So yeah... I'm excited! Can you tell? I'm gearing up for my very first Romantic Times Convention. RT Virgin, yep, that's me. I'm lucky to have it in my back yard. Well, in LA anyway. Even better... I'm going with my #1 fan, 'her self-proclaimed title.' *waving at Tammy*

I really don't know exactly what to expect. I've seen some videos of years past, talked to plenty of authors who have been there before me, but I'm still excited like a five year old on Christmas Eve. I have my fairy costume. *snort* - As for the Vampire Ball... I'm ready, but every vampire needs a slayer... just sayin'. I'm shocked at the amount of shoes I'm going to need for this hoopla. And I'm not even a shoe person... you know, the kind that buys up one of every color and stuff like that!

I'm rambling... but those who love me, those who get me understand.

I'm looking forward to meeting authors I've yakked with for years. Like Angel Martinez, who was here just the other day all the way from the east coast. What a joy it was to meet the woman who writes amazing M/M erotic romance, or as I like to put it, gay romance. These are love stories that have to be placed in the catagory of erotic even though I think they're best labled love stories. My opinion... anyway... Angel was here on vacation with her family and we met for the first time. After I proved I can get lost in my own state, we met up and spent the day walking around the zoo. She's just as wonderful in person as she is online. And her family was a joy to spend the day with. She's so much more than a critique partner! *Big Hugs*

Now I'm going to go on to meet even more of my online friends. Fair warning folks... I talk just as much in person. If you're a fan of Gilmore Girls then you know that fast talking is alive and well. LOL ~

I'll be posting stuff online via facebook during the convention. Might even have to bring in a computer to update the blogging world.

Okay... off to store to pick up some much needed libations for our room. (party at Catherine's)


desere_steenberg said...

Thank you so much this update idea is brilliant !

Have fun at RT

Angel Martinez said...

I can't wait for pictures! Catherine in a fairy costume - this I have to see! And Eliza and everyone else you'll be meeting - post LOTS of pics!! (from your fancy-shmancy phone, lol)