Romance By Catherine: Let's Review Social Networking

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let's Review Social Networking

Last year I video blogged about Social Networking. I talked about Myspace, Facebook and Twitter and I also talked about HQN sales and how the recession isn't hitting romance very hard.

By popular demand, I'm going to re-post my video blog: See Below -

The pudding has been proven by my increasing sales over the last year. In my December Blues blog I've received a bunch of feedback and hear the frustration in the voice of many writers. It can be frustrating trying to get noticed in this crazy world of authors, books, manuscripts and slush piles. And even when you have a sale... you have to hit the road hard for people to go out and buy your books. But don't give up! Keep plugging. Keep Writing!

Take my advice on my Video Blog or toss it out the window. This is working for me, at least on some level.


Robin Covington said...

Catherine: Great post and beautiful blog!

Catherine Bybee said...

Thanks, Robin.

Caroline Clemmons said...

You always have such clever blogs and videos. I would rather clean toilets than see my face online. Wait--I do clean toilets, don't I? Okay, I'd rather eat a buy than be in a live photo or video online.

To your questions: I believe and sincerely hope I'm correct that blogs, facebook, and twitter make a difference in sales. Do they? I don't know. Royalty check arrive in a couple of weeks, so I'll have a better idea then--or maybe slit my wrists. While it's true I would write if I didn't sell, I would so much rather sell.

Caroline Clemmons said...

that's supposed to be eat a BUG