Romance By Catherine: Any Way West by Eliza March - My Review

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Any Way West by Eliza March - My Review

Eliza sure knows how to turn up the heat and Any Way West is no exception.

What happens when the one you really wanted got away? You come back and take ‘em, that’s what you do! Jake West and his buddy Trey return to Jake’s hometown to scope out a great location for a few scenes in a movie they both are involved in. When Jake finds Carly, an ex-lover who he left without as much as a goodbye, he’s reminded of everything he loved about the woman. When Jake realizes that Carly is single, available and ready for sexual encounter, he and Trey turn on the charm. These two sexy men offer Carly a no strings ménage that will leave them all very satisfied.

Scorching hot would be the best way to describe the chemistry between Jake, Carly and Trey. Add the history between Jake and Carly with a promise of a happily ever after and this titillating erotic romance will leave you breathless. Ms. March’s stories simply get better and better. When is the next one?
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Eliza March said...

How nice of you to review ANY WAY WEST! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Eliza