Romance By Catherine: Things that make you go... Hmmm?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things that make you go... Hmmm?

Google Alerts! Do you set them up? I do.

Every morning when I click into my e-mail I find several alerts that have my name, the names of my books or some combination there of. I find reviews of my books this way... find some of my titles in the strangest of places. Or places neither I nor my publisher has put out there. Example, Binding Vows has been found in a Ren Faire Magazine, which warms my heart because I think this would be a wonderful read for any Ren Faire player who loves to live a 'day in the life'.

This is what I found this morning:

My first thought was... Hmmm? Okay, someone is selling a used copy of Binding Vows on e-bay. Good to know. It doesn't bother me too much to have my book out there like this. This is the paperback copy and I expect that people will eventually do this. I'd love it if they would want to keep in on their keeper shelf, but we can't have everything in life we want. Then I saw the price. Holy Cow folks. $78.98 + 3.49 S/H - Wow. I mean, Wow! What a scam! Someone is trying to make more money than I am on my book. I have to wonder... is anyone, would anyone, spend that kind of money on my book? Hell, I'll send you an autograph copy along with a CD of all my back titles for that if you like.

Things that make you go... Hmmm?


Helen Hardt said...

That is too much! I guess it's good that the seller actually thinks he can get that much for your book, though. That's got to make you feel pretty good :). It's funny where our work ends up, isn't it?

Kaye Manro said...

That's truly strange. Well, when it sells tell them they owe you money. It's your work. Weird.

Catherine Bybee said...

Yeah... I don't get it. At all.