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Friday, March 26, 2010

Coffee Time Anyone?

I am a huge fan of Coffee Time Romance. We have such a grand time in the forums over there. I've found many a wonderful author and fantastic story that I wouldn't have if I didn't stop by CTR.

It seems like it has taken foreeever!!! For one of my books to receive a review from CTR... But here it is.

BINDING VOWS Book 1, MacCoinnich Time Travel Trilogy


ISBN#: 9781601546074

December 2009

The Wild Rose Press

Paperback / Trade Paperback

$13.99 280 Pages

Time Travel Romance Rating: 4 Cups

Spending several days at a Renaissance Faire does not thrill Tara McAllister in the least, but for some reason saying no to her best friend Cassy is nearly impossible. She is much more excited about returning to school and finishing up her nursing degree than sleeping in a tent and dressing like some 16th century maiden.

Blending in with people 600 years in the future is getting a bit easier each time for Duncan and Fin MacCoinnich. It is their duty to stop the evil Grainna from procuring a Druid virgin and returning to their time, and while deflowering virgins does not seem like a tough job, it is one that will cause unfathomable devastation should they fail.

Tara is fairly disgusted with every aspect of this ridiculous spectacle, and being a 25-year-old virgin has never felt as glaringly apparent as it does now. She is made the guest of honor, but until meeting Duncan, feels more like an animal in a zoo. Duncan is terrified for Tara’s life, and pulls out all the stops to see her safe. Their whirlwind relationship takes on a desperate tone as Duncan pledges his eternity and his people’s entire existence on a woman who does not even believe in her heritage.

There is something special about a fantastical story of time travel, witches, and Druids brought to such life and reality that you cannot help but feel completely mesmerized. The characters are a rich blend of complex emotions, attitudes, and abilities, especially the ever present harbinger of evil; she literally makes your skin crawl. I am truly excited when characters are allowed to be less than perfect, showing raw emotions, insecurities, and even rage. Tara and Duncan run this gamut and the reader is right there with them every step of the way.

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Kaye Manro said...

Beautiful, beautiful review, Catherine-- (now how could I top that?)

Helen Hardt said...

Way to go, hon!!

Monique DeVere said...

Hi, Catherine,

Lovely review.