Romance By Catherine: Ponder and Post

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ponder and Post

I've been lacking in my blog dept. lately... But I've noticed that I'm not alone.

I realize that this time of year... rainy, quiet and lacking of all things Holiday, is a great time to buckle down and crack out some new material. However, if you've stumbled upon this post today... tell us, what are you working on? Have you stuck to your New Years Goals? Or are they yesterdays news?

Is your WIP moving the way you'd like? Do you have a new release you're gearing up for?
What great books have you read in front of the fire this month.

In short... What 'sup?


Rachel E. Moniz said...

Hi Catherine.

Yup, I've been woefully lax with blogging. Even my blog for today is sort of, well....extremely short!

I finished the sequel to Litha Dreams only to be shaken awake by an idea on how to re-tool the story. You see, Aleister and Ruadh have everything in their relationship together. So sad to say, they are becoming subplot and I am writing a new story (writing as we speak, as it were)

I am doing a booksigning with other authors from RIRW in a couple of weeks. Other than that, trying to stick to my daily to-do list and be excellent every day!

And as for no holidays.....I just did Valentine's Day shopping for my honey today....

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Catherine!

I'm trying my best to stick to my goals. I've managed to drop a couple of punds, but have fallen short of my word count goals. So, I've been trying to remedy that. :)

I just finished Emma Wildes, Lessons from a Scarlet Lady and found it highly enjoyable. Next up, is Elisabeth Naughton's, Stolen Fury. Ha! Maybe that's my problem, I'm reading too much! lol

Catherine Bybee said...

Rachel: It's hard to change plots in the middle of working on your story... sigh. A book signing sounds fun. I can't wait to hear all about that.

What did you get yours for V-day?

Sarah: Yeah, reading does get in the way of writing. ALL the time. I need to tack on another goal this year... write 50 pages between books that I read. Now that I have an e-reader its soooo hard!

Laurann Dohner said...

I've lost 3 pounds...22 more to go so doing good on that one. I have my second book coming out Friday from Ellorascave... Kidnapping Casey...second book in the Zorn Warriors series. I submitted 2 books I'm waiting to hear back on and right now I'm a few chapters shy of finishing my WIP. Oh, and I'm checking my email every day waiting for 2 book covers so I can see what my 2 new coming releases look like. LOL. So far... it's been a good year. I suffered for about a week of the 'after holiday' blues but then kicked myself in the backside and told myself...crack the whip! LOL.

Catherine Bybee said...

Good for you. Covers are a great way to start the new year. Sounds like you have it figured out.

Helen Hardt said...

WIP? What WIP? I've been lacking in the writing area, which puts me in a bad mood, lol. I really need someone to crack the whip for me. And I haven't been visiting all my friends' blogs as much as I like to. I think if I conquer the writing thing, everything will be back to normal. I do have a couple releases next month, and one in March. Now I need to write so I can get some more contracts!

Lynne Roberts said...

Hi Catherine,

Well, aside from being one day behind schedule, things are going okay. Any day I should hear about my two submitted stories (cross fingers), I'm polishing my WIP for submission in early Feb. Finishing my critique on an AWESOME book either today or tomorrow, and I have quite a few projects in various stages of development to chose from when I'm done the current WIP. So I'm keeping busy, but would really like a contract or two to show for it. : )

Christina Phillips said...

I'm trying to reach my weekly goal of 10k on the wip, but keep falling short. In my defence it's VERY hot here at the moment!!! In the reading dept so far this year I've read the YA trilogy by Cassandra Clare and then a red hot erotic romance by Erica Hayes. And now I'm reading Melissa Marr - i think I'm into fairies at the moment!!

Catherine Bybee said...

Helen: Get on it, girlfriend! You have to write in order to publish! LOL

Lynne: Hmmmm... an awesome book huh? fish, fish... fish, fish...

Christina: That's right, you're down under... Sorry about the heat... but 10k is soooo do-able. *cracking my whip.

月光族 said...

文章是唯一不死的東西,時間飛逝,文字記述的心情就是一種傳承! ....................................................

Mary Ricksen said...

Yes I the blog queen, I too am not blogging, what's with that? I'm editing but...
Anyways, you'll get back to it. You have had a lot on your plate and you need to disconnect from all that.
Take a big breath Catherine, just because you can!!

Dayana said...

Well, I've been alienated for some time trying to play catch up in other facets of my life, Ms. Catherine. Until recently my writing has been pushed to the back burner.

New Year's goals?

Yes, I am a wee bit late in getting started on some of them but I have at the very least begun them in January, LOL

Works in progress are all mixed up but I am sorting through the mire. I hope to buckle down in the next few weeks and make some nice forward movement. Hoping to have several projects out this year--at least that's the plan.

As you, I have slacked in the blog and website department and really all but lost any visability and promo I'd worked so hard to do. But, I think I've devised a sound plan to do it all and not neglect anything.


How's that?