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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just another hat I wear!

Yep, that's me and my DH. I wear so many hats during my life outside of books I though I'd share this one with you.
And yes, his winner (hot dog) is bigger than mine. LOL. Truth be told, I think that is exactly what I said to him at the time this picture was taken.
I've worn a cub scout uniform for six, OMG, SIX years! Raising two boys without an extra ounce of estrogen in our home is a challenge. So I took my chatty side, my outgoing side, and my entertaining side to help make young boys great men. If you've ever volunteered to be a den mom, a brownie mom... or like me, a Cub Master, you know the rewards this non-paying job can give you. Smiles, laughter and love.
So as you are reading this, I'm in my yard waiting for the on slot of Scouts and their parents so I can reward them with their final achievements for the year. We'll watch a movie I put together of all the crazy things we did all year and cry at the end knowing this is such a precious time in our children's life and it is going by so fast we want to hit pause. But we can't do that. There is no rewind or do-over button.
Slow down and enjoy your children while you can.


Helen Hardt said...

Catherine, I have that exact same shirt! LOL, I'm serious. I was a den leader for both my boys, from tigers to bears. DH took over when they hit webelos. Now they're both boy scouts, and the older one is starting his Eagle project. DH and I still volunteer for the troop -- he's the treasurer and we're both merit badge counselors. Great photo! It's always fun to see the other sides of writer friends!


Catherine Bybee said...

The universal shirt! Congrats to your son on working on through Eagel. Mine aren't interested in going on... but the 5 years in the program has made them a better person.

We do have a wonderful time with the boys. There are more female leaders with my pack then male. My DH is all over the paperwork etc... where I'm a spazz who enjoys 'putting on a show' for the kids.

Great minds think alike, Helen. Glad to know I'm in good company.

Mary Marvella said...

Catherine, I loved having a daughter and have no idea how I'd handle raising 2 boys. I commend you!

Catherine Bybee said...

Three boys... if you count the husband... and lets face it... LOL.

Mary Ricksen said...

Enjoy it while it happens, life goes by so fast with children. To me it appears that you enjoy every minute of it. Good for you Catherine.
And yes, you have three male children, Ha! I understand that one only too well.

Catherine Bybee said...