Romance By Catherine: A taste. Just a little taste.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A taste. Just a little taste.

Sometimes all you need for a little inspiration is a picture. And this my friends is very inspiring.
A taste of my newly contracted erotic rosette.
Un-edited - all the mistakes you find are mine. I own them. grin
Posing my camera over my eye I searched the urban landscape for something, anything that screamed out art. Harsh lines of stone and glass buildings rose above my head, but that wasn't art. Mercedes, BMWs, Fords and old jalopies on their last legs whizzed past, but this wasn't art either.

Then I saw him, tall, dark and oh so sexy. Arms marched in time with his legs as the shutter went crazy under my itching finger. People stopped and watched as he walked by, how could they not? He stood out like priceless art should. Manly stubble formed on his strong jaw lowered to sun kissed skin visible through the v of his shirt. Licking my lips, I focused my camera lower. Knees peer from under his kilt and suddenly I felt the desire to move to Scotland.

My subject stopped, giving me time to zoom in and get a better angle. I fired off ten more pictures before raising my lens to get a closer shot of his confident face.

His eyes were chocolate brown and full of mirth. And they stared directly at me.

My mouth went dry as my camera fell from my face. Mr. Kilt lifted his strong hand up and with one little motion of his finger summoned me to his side.

"Oh, God," I whispered to myself. Now what should I do?

Before I could move, he started toward me. My heartbeat rose at an alarming speed. I should run, but my legs refused to budge. He's going to tell me to delete my pictures of him. He has every right to do so, after all they are his. Or at least, they felt like his.

Clenching my camera to my side, I swallowed as he came closer. His eyes raked over me. I stood in old jeans and a worn out sweatshirt that said 'Bite me' on it. I wasn't even wearing make up. I ran out of my studio apartment anxious to catch the morning sun and thought nothing of my appearance. Now I regretted that decision with such disdain that I dug my nails into my palms to keep from crying out. Life was so damn unfair.


Skhye said...

LOL. Since I write about kilts, let me just say I LOVE that title. I think it encapsulates a world of meaning. ;)

Catherine Bybee said...

LOL! I think so too.

Eliza Knight said...

Yummy to the picture and your excerpt :)

Catherine Bybee said...

Thanks, Eliza.