Romance By Catherine: Fire Update

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fire Update

On a previous blog I wrote about the fires that devastated many parts of Southern California. My own personal drama being little more than a few sleepless nights and the constant hum of helicopters buzzing over my home.

Yesterday I needed to drive around the hillside that is visible in the pictures I posted here and saw first hand the destruction of what those fires did. The media has stopped talking about homes lost. Stopped informing the public of the tragic end to many peoples day to day lives. But as I drove on the 210 Freeway I prepared myself for what I knew was there. And then I saw it. My heart literally jumped in my throat. Tears sprang to my eyes at the absolute annihilation of an entire community. It was without a doubt one of the most powerful moments in my life. Perhaps you don't understand what that means because many of you only know me through my romance writing. But folks, I've seen many, many things. A ER trauma nurse is what I normally call myself. But this image of home after home, 500 of them, reduced to ashes was nothing short of horrific.

Now whenever I see a news broadcast about a 'community ravaged by...' I'll have a picture set in my mind. For many years to come.


Judith Leger said...

My heart goes out to all those people. Yes, natural disasters are devastating to so many people. We live along the Gulf Coast and when a hurricane hits it's horrible. I'm only 50 miles inland and we worry every year. I wouldn't move for anything because I love this place.

This past summer, Hurricanes Gustav and Ike destroyed so many homes in Louisiana and Texas. Like in California, time passes and the news forget about these people who have lost hope. It's been months since Ike came through here but there are still people in tents because they have no where else to go. Their homes were destroyed in the storm.

So yes, I fully understand the horrific impact this leaves on a person. I will add the fire victims in my prayers along with our neighbors here.

Catherine Bybee said...

When you see things on TV they just don't seem as real as when you witness it in real life.

It is always good to save a prayer for these people and to realize how lucky the rest of us are.

Dayana said...

I hope this will serve as a happy interlude in a heartbreaking visual you have shared with us.

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I hope this brings a bit of cheer to your world.