Romance By Catherine: Interview With Author Dayana Knight

Friday, December 12, 2008

Interview With Author Dayana Knight

Today I’m interviewing Dayana Knight, Paranormal Romance Novelist. And in celebration of her release she is giving away a free download of her Scarlet release, Eternal Obsession. All you have to do is comment on this blog and Dayana will pick a winner at random.

I first started chatting with Dayana back in October during one of her many blogs and contests, and soon found we had a lot in common. In October, her first title with The Wild Rose Press was released, Curse of the Marhime (Roma Wolf Tales Book I). Just by reading the title you have a clear idea of what this book is about. * Rubbing my hands together. I just love curses and wolves. *

Now she has another title being released, Eternal Obsession. Since this story is under the Scarlet label at TWRP, it promises to be one spicy read. *Oh, that hand rubbing thing is happening again. Sounds like obsessive Vampires to me.* But I’ll let Dayana tell you all about her newest book.

Welcome to my little corner of the cyber world, Dayana. Why don’t you tell everyone a little bit about you.

Thank you, Catherine. I am thrilled to be here today and extremely excited about my new release, Eternal Obsession.


Tell you a bit about myself, eh? Okay, here goes…

I grew up in Southern New Jersey, but later picked up and moved to Southern Florida back in ’85 where I will probably die. I love the Florida winters much better than the Northeastern ones, though I do miss the change of seasons, particularly Autumn colors, Winter snow, when you don’t have to go anywhere and can just enjoy it, and let’s not forget Spring and the beautiful burst of color and blooms. I am an avid animal lover, love the beach, the woods, and traipsing through century-old cemeteries, and scarey stories told deep in the night. Ever since I remember, I loved listening to ghost stories, wandering through old abandoned houses/buildings and imagining who lived and breathed within their walls. I read and watched anything paranormal I could get my hands on. I dabbled and studied white magic as a teen (the dark arts or black magic always made me a wee bit nervous) *grin* and I have always been infatuated with the sensual lore of the vampire and werewolf.

I have loved books and reading since a very young age and created my own stories and poems beginning at the age of eleven. I had creative writing classes in Junior and Senior High School as well. However, I hadn’t taken the craft seriously until more recently.

Favorite holidays: Halloween(Pagan) and Christmas(Christian). Conflicting but I love both and go way out for both as far as decorations. And btw, sums up my personality, as wellJ

Favorite movies: Blood and Chocolate, Van Helsing, and the Lord of the Rings Series—Love Aragorn/Viggo *sssshhh…*

Favorite books: J. R. Ward, The Black Dagger Series, anything Laurel K Hamilton writes, both the Faery and Vampire/werewolf series, Katie McAllister and several others I can’t think of at the moment, but you get the idea.

Tell us about Eternal Obsession. How did you come up with the idea for this book?

Eternal Obsession was actually a short story entitled “Of Love, Blood, and Eternity” that I’d put together for a contest back in 2000 and actually won. It is a period vampire short that I dusted off, fleshed out a bit more and spiced up-if you know what I mean-with the idea of breaking into the art of erotic writing. My writing leans toward the extremely sensual end anyway so this particular project is my erotic debut. I was thrilled when Diana Carlile, my editor at the Wilder Rose end of The Wild Rose Press liked and accepted the story. I hope to write many more.

What else are you working on?

I have a companion story to Curse of the Marhime set to release June 2009 at The Wild Rose Press entitled, Bestial Cravings, that will introduce some additional characters into my Roma Wolf Tale series. Book II, currently untitled, is in the works as we speak.

Where else can we find you on-line?

You can find me at my website and my blogspot.

Eternal Obsession by Dayana Knight

Life is precious or so we are told. But what of love? How can one distinguish between immortal love and mortal life?

Tia must discover which is more important, for her lover walks the night and has given her a choice only she can make. Will she agree to be 'turned' or will she watch her love and life walk away forever?

Cursed by a witch long ago, Andres is doomed to wander the night for all eternity, feeding upon the elixir of life and forever alone. Until he finds Tia. But he will not sway his love's decision. She must consent to be his of her own accord, or he will walk forever out of her life.

Is love and lust strong enough to bind them for all time or is eternal obsession all they will ever share?

To order your copy of Eternal Obsession visit The Wilder Roses.

Thank you, Dayana for taking the time to chat with us today. I just love the Rosettes. They fit so perfectly into my busy schedule this time of year.


Helen Hardt said...

Happy release day, hon! Can't wait to read it.


Catherine Bybee said...

It does look yummy!

Dayana said...

Hi, ladies! Popping in while at lunch from the day job *grin* Thanks for dropping by Helen! Catherine, thank you for having me.

I'll pop back in a few hours. Bye for now:)


M.Flagg said...

Huge contrats on your second release. I really enjoyed "Curse" and I just might take a walk on the scarlet side for this one!
Wishing you many, many sales.

Anonymous said...

wow looks like a great book. I wish you much success with that. I haven't seen a handsome vampire since they took Moonlight off TV. Good luck and thank you Catherine for having Dayana over.

Wendi said...

Hey, Dayana! This sounds great and the cover is smokin'! I'm a Florida girl too. Waving from the Tampa Bay area. :)

Wendi Darlin

Pat said...

I can't wait for it come out. I love the sound of it.The Lord of the Rings is a booksseries I have loved for a long time

Catherine Bybee said...

I couldn't wait. I'm so bad that way... just ask my editors.

Why is it when I read a spicy vampire story I wear my hair up and ask my DH to kiss my neck?

Wow, Dayana. I think you need to add 'writing a second vampire story' into your list of things to do in 2009!

Dayana said...

Hi, Mickey! thanks for hopping on over here to visit with me.

Hello, Nan! and thank you for dropping in. I love the cover art. The Wild Rose Press does wonderful work and really does strive to do what the author visualizes. I haven't be disappointed yet:)

Hi, Wendi! Didn't we meet at the STAR conference in Melbourne? Or am I confused, which wouldn't be a new thing??? Thanks for dropping by.

Hello, Pat. The story is available now at The Wilder Roses of I also have been a Tolkien and have my original book set of The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, etc. four books in all! And of course, I have all the LOTR dvds. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

Catherine, you are incorrigible but I so appreciate you purchasing, reading, and raving about Eternal Obsession. I don't know what it is but my confidence level is a total disaster every time I put something out there. It is great to know that my stories are enjoyed and appreciated out there. Thank you!

Thank you all! This has been fun.

I'll post the free download winner on Sunday night to give some latecomers a chance to be involved in the drawing. Good luck!


ann campbell said...

Looks great! Can't wait to read it! Congrats!!!!

Christina Phillips said...

Congrats on the release of Eternal Obsession, Dayana! I love spicy vampire stores so will definitely be checking this one out!

Thanks for a great interview, Catherine!

April Vine said...

Huge congrats on your release, Dayana.
The cover is so beautiful,it sounds like a winner and I wish you an infinity of sales.

Rebecca J. Clark said...

Beautiful cover! Congrats with your success. I can't wait to read your stuff.


Anonymous said...

the book is on my wish list

Cari Quinn said...

Best of luck with Eternal Obsession, Dayana! It sounds wonderful! :)

ddurance said...

Dayana, like you, I love all things paranormal! Always have. I was the little girl in sixth grade who pretended to be a vampire just for fun. LOL


Julie Robinson said...

Catching up on emails and Coffee Time Romance posts, so 'm probably too late, but just wanted to say, Great interview, Catherine ad Dayana! Hope you do well, Dayana!


Dayana said...

Hi all, nope no one's too late for the drawing. Gonna do it right now:)

First, I'd like to thank Catherine for having me and all of you for dropping by to hang out with us this weekend.

Catherine will announce the winner so stay tuned.

Best to all and A Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy New Year to you! May you be safe, warm, and comfortable.



Julie Robinson said...

Thank you Dayana for contributing your story, and thank you Catherine for hosting Dayana!