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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Free Isn't Always Free

Free Isnt Always Free!

Every time you download a book off a pirate site, you delay, if not destroy, the authors ability to write their next novel.

You see, dear reader, while you might think published authors are rolling in money, you couldn't be more wrong. Most published authors have a day job and write in their spare time. With every pirated download your favorite author has one less book sold that their publisher sees. With every single book unaccounted for, that author may not receive another contract to finish the series...or have a reason to write the next book.

A prime example of this comes from my own personal experience with my Spanish translations. You see, dear readers... Wife by Wednesday was translated into Spanish (El Contrato)  a couple of years ago.  The publisher was 'happy' with the sales of the book in Spain and surrounding countries... I was not. Why? Because I found several pirate sites where I counted over a million downloads of my book. 


I was told by many industry professionals that piracy in Spain is a massive problem and there was nothing I could do about it.

So I sat back and waited. Eventually, because Wife by Wednesday did OK in Spain...I actually hit one of their more noted bestsellers list... my publisher there took their option to publish Married by Spanish (El Pacto). That too has been out for a while but hasn't done nearly as well. The pirate downloads, however were just as huge in numbers.

I have many readers who contact me, almost weekly, asking if the rest of the series will be published in Spanish.
Uhm.... I doubt it. I hate to say that, but I can't promise anything. With Millions of illegal downloads, and no money being made off the effort, why would a publisher bother?

I have considered self-publishing in Spanish, but that too would cost a nice penny that I may never see come back.

We all look for a good dealbuy the milk on sale vs. the name brand that costs .50 cents more but if you take the milk without paying for it, everyone misses out.

In the case of English language books, most authors/publishers have plenty of discount days, deals, and even times to get a book for free.

So...while you might think it a windfall to find your favorite author's books on a site for free, remember that your 5 star review is not helping that author quit his or her day job so they can write full time. Your 5 star review is not paying their power bill to keep their computer running...their Internet up. Your 5 star pirated review really isn't helping them at all.

A cup of coffee at your favorite coffee house costs more than an E-Book. You don't walk out of the coffee house without pulling out your wallet... "Because they might arrest you for that shit."

Downloading a pirate book is NOT a victim-less crime. If writers can't make money on their work, they move on, and you won't read their next book even if you pay for it...because the writer didn't write it.

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