Romance By Catherine: Summer Lovin' Reader Party and WINE!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Lovin' Reader Party and WINE!

It's that time again... only this year we're doing it with wine and a vineyard. This reader event will include wine tasting, food, dancing, and of course a book signing.

Last year we signed all the books, then kicked off our shoes to dance the night away.

This is more than a book signing, folks, this is an event. I'll be staying at the winery for a couple of days and look forward to chatting with all those attending.

Buy your tickets now, only $35.00, and you'll be eligible for pre-event giveaways from the attending authors.

OH, and BTW... I will have two ARC's of Taken by Tuesday that I will give away to the first two people I see at the event that ask for them.
(Attending Authors not Eligible)

Click HERE for the event page.
Click HERE to buy your tickets.

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