Romance By Catherine: Houston, we have books on a shelf!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Houston, we have books on a shelf!

I know what you're probably thinking...

What's the big deal? Right?

Well is the big deal. When I set out to publish my work I naturally thought said books would be on a shelf at any number of bookstores throughout the land. Only that didn't happen. Not that hundreds of thousands of copies weren't sold and those books enjoyed by too many people to count. But, (it's a big but) NEVER, EVER have my books been on a shelf throughout the land for just anyone to happen upon and purchase.

Until now!

I went to my local Sams Club today after seeing that some of my books had made it on the shelf there in other parts of the country and there it was... Married by Monday, the second book of my Weekday Bride Series was happily sitting on the shelf saying 'buy me'!

Yes, the tag showing the price was well under seven bucks covered up my last name, but do I care? Hell no! My book is on a shelf. And at Sams Club. That's huge folks. If you're browsing the book shelf at Sams you know the books there are already bestsellers. Which Married by Monday is. But damn! I'm there!

And hell yeah it feels good.

And I do hope that every author out there has a chance in the life to experience the thrill of seeing their work on a shelf.

I really do!


Kathleen O said...

I am sure that would be a thrill to see your hard earned work be displayed for all to see..
Good for you.

Catherine Bybee said...

thanks, Kathleen.