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Monday, July 29, 2013

My first...

The very first car I owned was a $300 junkyard find. The cracked windshield was so damn bad the cop that pulled me over felt too sorry for me to issue a fix-it ticket. I named that beater JAKE because of the license plate number JKE - ### I don't remember the numbers.

Those who knew me then remember, I'm sure, that I attempted to drive ole' Jake to So. California 4 days after High School Graduation pulling a U-Hall...Jake was a 74' Toyota least I think it was a 74...anyway, the brakes stopped if you put enough fluid in the thingy and downshifted on time.

In perfect teenage fashion, I ignored the check engine light because I had a oil change before I left Washington State... The engine told me I was a moron in a little town called Yreka... not Eureka... some 700 miles from my destination at 1 AM.

So yeah... I've come a long way, baby.
Check out my new ride. BMW M Series 650i
I could buy the house I grew up in a couple times over for the price of this baby. Don't be too impressed, the house was cheap.

The car that Fiance by Friday bought.

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