Romance By Catherine: Not Quite Enough ~ Excerpt

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Not Quite Enough ~ Excerpt

In celebration of my new contract...the one that will take my Not Quite Trilogy to a Series. I thought I'd share with you a little taste of Not Quite Enough.

This amazing cover will give you a glimpse into Monica's story...but none of you have met her hero yet.


 Monica Mann has made it her life’s work to save lives. After an earthquake and tsunami hit the shores of Jamaica, she volunteers her trauma skills with Borderless Nurses. Calculating and methodical, Monica creates order out of whatever chaos she finds.

Until she finds the perpetually barefoot, impossibly masculine Trent Fairchild.

No one can pin him down. No, really. He's a pilot and manages a small fleet of choppers on his adopted island home. Hopelessly drawn to one another, they manage to slip away from the wreckage to get a little closer. And they get a lot closer than expected when aftershocks from the earthquake trap them in their own life-or-death scenario. Paradise has brought them together. Now will it tear them apart?

Just a little set up for this scene... Monica doesn't like flying...and well, Trent is a pilot. Nuff said...onward!


Monica glanced up at the gray skies and frowned. “So, Trent,” she began again. “Are you the only one shuffling the foreign medical staff around the island?”

He shook his head. “There are a few others. Why?”

He kept his eyes on where he walked and avoided her questioning gaze.

“Just wondering.”

He didn’t buy that. “Just wondering?”

“Seems like anyone could drive me to the clinic.”

He walked her behind the hospital and up a short path to where his helicopter waited. “Anyone could drive you.”

She hesitated when she saw her ride. “I thought you said you were driving me.”

“I am. After a short flight to where my car is parked.”

She turned a full circle. “Can’t we just drive?”

Trent moved in front of her and removed his sunglasses. “It’s a short flight back to the airport, then a thirty minute drive. That’s if the roads are cleared.”

“Can’t we just—” Her ice blue eyes never left his.

“I didn’t kill you the first time, Monica. I won’t this time either.”

She swallowed.

“It was better thinking you volunteered to take me instead of being the only person capable of it.” 

Actual fear hid behind her eyes. “Why’s that?”

“I prefer flirting to flying.”

A slow easy smile met his lips. He knew then, irrevocably, that Monica thought about him at some point during her short stint on the island.

He replaced his sunglasses and reached for her hand. “How about a little of both?”

“Damn,” she mumbled as she let him drag her to the aircraft. He opened the door on the passenger side and quickly shoved her bag in the back.

Inside, he reached across her body and latched the passenger door. “I could have done that,” she said. 

He caught her eyes over the rim of his sunglasses and winked. “That would be the flirting portion of our flight.”

Release Date: October 8th 2013
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Penny said...
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Penny said...

Love Monica..can't wait to read more about her and Trent. Looking forward to another great Catherine Bybee book!

Penny said...

Love Monica..can't wait to read more about her and Trent. Looking forward to another Catherine Bybee book!

Layla said...

Looks good Catherine, pre ordering now