Romance By Catherine: Exclusive Excerpt Fiance by Friday

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Exclusive Excerpt Fiance by Friday

How about a new excerpt of Fiance by Friday.
We're only 2 months and 8 days away ya know...

Gwen and Neil have been dancing around their feelings for a while now. When faced with Gwen living alone, Neil isn't very comfortable with the idea. He has something to say about that!

The entire time he moved about the house he kept thinking of her living there alone.
Lady Gwendolyn Harrison, a pampered daughter of a duke, and the most stunning woman God ever graced the earth with had no business living alone in this cheap neighborhood only blocks away from murderers, rapists, and thieves. Neil had listened to the police scanners enough to understand the neighborhood demographics.
No wonder writers crafted tales of keeping captive princesses safe in ivory towers.
“You’ve tested that lock three times.” Gwen graced him with her pristine white teeth and brilliant smile.
“It sticks.”
“Ah, huh.”
“When will you know about Karen?” He twisted the lock a fourth time.
“We’ll finish the background check, and then have them meet. We should know if it’s going to work in a couple of weeks. Maybe sooner.”
Enough time to add a couple of cameras…update a couple of things. He didn’t like the amount of motion the outside detectors were picking up. He stood in the yard, completely still, and the damn things were going ape-shit crazy. Glitches like that made people ignore the signals.
He tapped the control panel used to set and unset the alarms. “What’s your distress code?”
“What numbers?”
“Nine six three.”
“When do you use that code?” He was drilling her, but he didn’t know what else he could do.
“If someone was here threatening me and telling me to turn off the alarm. I know the drill. Nothing is going to happen. I’m a big girl.”
“You’re a tiny girl the neighborhood paperboy could snap like a twig if he wanted to.”
“Tommy would do no such thing. He’s a good boy.”
The edge of his lips lifted ever so slightly.
“Is that a smile I see on Neil’s lips?”
He forced his lips to a thin line.
“Oh, my mistake.” Gwen hid her own grin.
“I’ll call tomorrow with details about who will come to fix a few things.” He returned his equipment to his bag. “Lock the door behind me.”
“Yes, sir.” She gave him a mock salute.
“I’m serious, Gwen. Your security habits suck. Your brother isn’t going to let you live here alone if you don’t start taking things seriously.”
Her playful grin fell and Neil knew he’d used the wrong words to get her to move over to his way of thinking.
“My brother is not my keeper.”
“He owns the house.”
“Samantha owns the house. And she’d never make me leave.”
Neil’s jaw started to twitch again.
“Perhaps I need to remind you that I’m not a child.”
His eyes did a quick sweep of her body. “You don’t have to remind me of that.”


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