Romance By Catherine: Romantic Times Convention 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Romantic Times Convention 2013

As I look forward to my third RT Convention next month, I think of my previous conventions and can't keep the smile off my face. When I attended RT in 2011 I could barely afford to pay my way with the money I earned as an author. 


I scraped, and talked my good friend Tammy into going with me to share cost on our room. We didn't have to fly to the convention because it had taken place in LA, just an hour drive from my home. 

Now I'm hooked! Seriously hooked on the energy and chemistry of the event and the people who attend. I've met too many authors to count, hooked up with readers who knew me before and then those who learned to love me after. *grin* 

This year I'll be celebrating my birthday at RT in Kansas City and participating in workshops daily... not to mention attending the big book fair to sign books for my fans. 

As a writer, I spend so many hours alone in my office typing away that I don't connect enough face-to-face with my colleagues and fans. And I'm a very social for me, sitting at a desk isn't natural. 

So, dear reader...have you gone to the Romantic Times Convention in the past? Are you going this May? What do you love the most about your time there? 

Looking forward to seeing everyone! 


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JM said...

I'll be going and it will be my third as well. RT has a special place in my heart because when I went to the one in LA, I was a brand new author with a brand new publishing house.
I love the enthusiasm of the entire romance community, and, like you, I like getting out from behind my desk every once in a while. There's always plenty of laughter and learning, and I love it.
Maybe I'll see you there!