Romance By Catherine: Fiance by Friday ~ *sigh*

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fiance by Friday ~ *sigh*

I'm finishing up copy edits on Fiance by Friday and thought I'd share with you a tiny excerpt.

If you remember correctly, Neil and Carter hooked up a monitoring system in the home previously occupied by Samantha (Wife by Wednesday) and Eliza (Married by Monday) in the previous books.

Now Gwen (Fiance by Friday) and Karen (Single by Saturday 2014) are living in the Tarzana home and having a conversation about lingerie.

Poor Neil is listening. It is his job, ya know!

Neil MacBain paused the audio feed, shook his head, rewound the damn thing, and listened to it again.
“You do know that no one wears those anymore.”
“If that were true, finding a place to buy garters and stockings would be impossible.”
“Yeah, but you need to go to those sexy bra stores in order to find them.”
“Men love frilly underwear.”
Neil slapped his hand on the mouse and turned off the sound before he tortured himself anymore.
Fuck! I need to get laid!
Listening to Gwen’s polished accent mentioning garters and stockings shot his brain straight to his cock.
The desire to click on the video monitor made his right eye twitch, but he refrained and forced himself away from his surveillance room. 

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Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to reading this book. Neil and Gwen have been circling each other for awhile.