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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Make Welcome ~ Toni Anderson

Welcome to my corner of the blogging world, Toni.

How has Amazon Montlake been to work with?

Hi Catherine. Great to be here and thanks for having me here today. Montlake Romance has been great to work with. I’m really enjoying the team and the other authors at Amazon.

What do you think about self publishing?

I think it’s wonderful authors have other options nowadays.

What do you love about being a writer?

I love setting my own targets and working to my own schedule. I love getting those voices out of my head and down on paper so people don’t think I’m nuts went I start talking to my imaginary friends in the grocery queue.

What do you hate about being a writer?

Nothing much. Maybe the expansion of my butt, and bad reviews. I need to schedule more exercise for the former. The latter I don’t mind that much J—it’s all about finding your audience. Not everyone is going to love your work. It’s a fact writers have to live with.

Nearly all romance novels have shhh, sex, in them. How do you answer the never ending question, Why do you write THAT kind of book? Or even better… How do you do your RESEARCH?

Ugh. This drives me mad because people are rarely shocked if I kill someone in a story but, god, if my characters have sex it can turn into the Spanish Inquisition. No one ever offers to be my next victim although I have a few people in mind J. Romance novels are about relationships and the place where people are most intimate (generally) is while stripped bare (emotionally as well as physically) having sex. My family copes with the idea of me writing sex scenes so everyone else can take it or leave it. 

What do you like better, Twitter or Facebook? Why?

I like both actually. If I had to chose I’d go for Facebook because it’s more visual and I get to see what my nieces and nephews are up to. But I love following something on Twitter and just being so connected to the world. But I don’t have a smart phone so I get to leave it all behind when I’m not online. I like that too. 

And the most important question ever... Do you roll your toilet paper over the roll or under the roll?

If I do it in the dark anything can happen. Otherwise it’s over. J

Tell us about your latest release and were we can find it.

My latest release is DANGEROUS WATERS, a Romantic Suspense story set in a remote town on Vancouver Island. It features a RCMP heroine and a former Special Forces hero. There’s a cold case mystery and a current murder to solve. I hope people enjoy reading it and much as I enjoyed writing it J. It comes out on November 20th and is available in print, digital and audio from Amazon, as well as other bookstores.

Check out Toni’s website and Amazon Author Page for a list of current titles, her blog and Facebook Author Page for writing news. She also has an infrequent newsletter for special announcements. If you like dogs or weather talk there’s her personal Facebook page, and Twitter (@toniannanderson) for up-to-the-minute chatter. And if you like pretty pictures she’s on Pinterest

Here is the blurb:

DANGEROUS WATERS, November 20th, 2012.

Known as the Graveyard of the Pacific, Barkley Sound is notorious for surging swells with the power to pull helpless victims into its merciless abyss…

Sergeant Holly Rudd arrives in the coastal community of Bamfield after local divers discover a body with a knife jutting from its chest in the waters of Barkley Sound. As she investigates the crime, Holly soon realizes the sleepy town is rife with secrets. But what unsettles her most is the residents’ insistence that she bears a striking resemblance to the victim of a murder from three decades earlier. She shrugs off the uncanny likeness as a coincidence. But her simmering attraction to Finn Carver, one of the divers who discovered the corpse, isn’t so easy to ignore.

Finn, a former Special Forces soldier, knows it’s best to keep his distance from Holly. Yet it isn’t long before they both give in to the consuming desire they share. And as the danger escalates, Finn and Holly must rely on each other to thwart the plans of a cold-blooded killer who’s intent on keeping the past buried.

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