Romance By Catherine: Three More Weeks! Not Quite Dating

Monday, October 22, 2012

Three More Weeks! Not Quite Dating

Only three more weeks! 

Wanna glimpse? Another excerpt? 

Okay... here you go. 

“I can make it from here,” she told him.
Jack ignored her and opened his door. “In Texas, a man never lets a lady walk to her door alone. Especially at night.” Besides, how would he kiss her if he didn’t walk her home?
She laughed, a warm inviting sound that pulled on Jack’s heartstrings.
“I don’t want to tick off all the men in Texas.”
After opening her door and helping her out of the car, Jack let her lead the way to her apartment door. The floral scent of her perfume followed her down the hall. He noted the number on her door for future use.
Tresses of her hair draped over her slender neck as she glanced at her door.
“This is me,” she said as she turned toward him.
Jack stood close, close enough to see surprise in her eyes at his being there. She didn’t back away. When she caught her lip between her teeth, Jack’s pulse shot high. Jessie’s gaze slid from his eyes to his lips, inadvertently inviting his kiss.
He didn’t give her a chance to protest.

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