Romance By Catherine: Writing Romance is Hard Work

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Writing Romance is Hard Work

I'm taking a short break from my grueling writing schedule to jump *on my soap box* for just a few minutes.

For the naysayers out there who think a writers job is easy...I say, you're not a professional writer and wouldn't know. There are days my characters act out and don't want to play, an others where I need to run to catch up with them. Seldom do they calmly whisper in my ear and tell me their story.

Four days ago when my hubby was leaving the house I stuck my tongue in my cheek and said. "I'm not leaving my office until my hero and heroine, currently Neil and Gwen, get horizontal and sweaty." Or vertical, or on a trapeze...made no difference to me. But damn if those two had to go and wait three days before they finally got down to it. And not because I wasn't writing, but because they had to work out some issues before they could be intimate.

Unlike any job I've ever had in my life this job is all about self discipline, determination, and back bone. Three days after my shoulder surgery exactly two weeks ago today, I drug myself back in my office because I'm on a deadline, and I take that seriously. Did I work all day? No, couldn't. But I did work. And when I wasn't in my office I was laying on the couch with my cold pack and my iPad networking or getting other parts of my job, working out details with my agent and editor.

I love what I do. I'm so damn happy to be getting paid to write I can sing it to the trees.
But my job isn't easy. I'm always on. I'm either writing a book, thinking about what to write in a book, selling a book, or talking to my fans about books.

It's still hard work. I suppose if I only wrote one book a year I couldn't say that. But this is my job and I have more than one book a year inside me.

*off soap box*

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Rachelle Ayala said...

Catherine, I hear you! I'm never off-duty. Characters even appear in my dreams to demand attention or give me a clue. And then there's all of the social networking and working with critique partners, etc.

But I wouldn't trade it for any other life. How many books do you write in a year? Three or more? Incredible!

Catherine Bybee said...

I write 4 on average. Like I said, it's my job.

E.B. Black said...

I know what you mean. I've written many times when I've felt sick and could barely sit up.

Angela Kay Austin said...

Catherine, 4 books a year is a lot! You're definitely dedicated to keep to stick with it after surgery.

Issac Landry said...

Seems like you could need some rest, why not take a vacation :-)